Gilbert and Nathalie Renaud and their team welcome you in Vessy!

Come and enjoy a memorable occasion in a friendly and welcoming venue near Geneva.

A food-lover's bistro that everyone will enjoy

Enjoy fine dining, a dish of the day for only 18.- CHF and a set menu for CHF 48.-.

The perfect place for all your events!

Auberge Communale du Grand Donzel can easily accommodate families and groups thanks to its large private dining-rooms and its garden terrace.

A venue that lends itself to children with a play area specially for them!


The restaurant bar is open all hours for hot and cold drinks to enjoy inside or on the terrace

Apéritifs and Digestifs

Kir 1dl5.-
Kir au Bartholie 1dl10.-
Glass of hampagne Moët & Chandon15.-
Chasselas, rosé de Veyrier, Gamay 10cl3.-
Martini, Campari (20%), Ricard (40%) 4cl6.-
Spritz 25cl9.-

Gin & Tonic 25 cl


Whisky & Coke, Vodka & Orange 25 cl

Armagnac XO 2cl (40%)14.-
Grand Marnier, Amaretto 2cl (40%)8.-
Whisky Glennorangie 10 ans 2cl (46%)12.-
Fine de Cognac, Chartreuse 2cl (40%)10.-
Hennessy XO 2cl (40%), Whisky 18ans 2cl18.-
Eaux de vie, Sambuca, Grappa 2.5cl (40%)                                                                                                      8.-
Limoncello (30%), Jägermeister (35%) 5cl6.-

Alcohol-free drinks

Coffee, Decaffeinated coffee


Café renversé (hot milk with a shot of espresso), Hot chocolate

Thé, Infusion3.50

Still water, Sparkling water 50 cl

Fruit cordial 30cl2.-
Fruit juice 20cl4.50

Iced tea, Lemonade 30 cl


Coca Cola and Coke Zero 33 cl


Schweppes Lemonade, Tonic, Bitter Lemon                                                                        4.-

Blond Beer

0 cl 3.70,- / 50 cl 6.50,-

White Beer

25 cl 5.- / 50 cl 7.50,-

Alcohol-free beer 33 cl


Moderate price drinks

Lemonade, sparkling water, Iced Tea                                                                                                           2dl 2.90

Practical information

Route Antoine Martin 21 1234 Vessy (Genève)
Grand parking gratuit Tue-Sat: 09:00-00:00
Sun: 09:00-18:00

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